St Barnabas CE First and Middle School: How to write a good comment

How to write a good comment

  1. Write your comment like a letter starting off with “Dear Year 3”, “Dear 7BL”,  or “Dear Fred” and end it with a closing with your first name only.
  2. Write your comment about the post. There are often ideas at the bottom of the post about what you could comment about. Rather than just saying “that’s good!” say what you like about it and why. Try to start a conversation by asking a question, or adding new information to the post.
  3. Do not leave comments as a means of communicating with friends in the style of a chatroom or instant messenger. Please post positively and always remember that the blog is an extension of our school, that the rest of the world is able to see.
  4. Check your comment for correct spelling, layout and punctuation before you submit it. Remember – the whole world is reading it!
  5. Don’t reveal any personal information about yourself on the internet. Be sure to use your first name only, no last names please.
  6. Remember to check your posts, to see if you’ve had any comments.
  7. Be nice and have fun!

  1. Please do not leave comments as a means to leave a message for school staff.  Please email or telephone school so we can address your query.

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